Now getting your patients into the most technologically advanced Free-Form lenses in history is easier than ever.

Spectangle simplifies the MyStyle fitting and consultation process – and allows you to input the critical measurements and lifestyle preferences for the MyStyle iDentifier quickly and easily from an iPad – all for a fraction of the cost of those expensive Free-Form instruments.

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Vertex Distance

The vertex distance is the distance from the front or apex of the cornea to the back of the lens in front of the patient’s eye. To get this measurement you’ll be using a lock-on device card (HOYA will provide this through the mail). Begin by activating the camera and have the patient hold the card in a vertical orientation against their temple, with the small black strip at the top in a horizontal position. Position the camera angle so the photo capture will include the entire card, cornea and inside lens. You may have to adjust the camera up or down slightly if the frame temple is occluding the cornea. You can get as close as you need to, as long as the photo includes the needed references to measure the shot. Touch the camera button and level the camera to take the picture. If the photo is accurate, touch the “Use” button.

To activate the measurements, touch the black strip on the card in the picture. A yellow box will lock onto the black strip. If the box is incomplete or is not surrounding the strip correctly, you can adjust the lock-on manually by touching the outlined squares on the corners of the yellow box and dragging the box into position. When an accurate lock is obtained, you will notice a red semi circle connected to a dotted line with a vertical lined end. Placing your finger about an inch to the left of the semi circle, position the curve onto the front of the cornea. You can use the zoom feature here to increase accuracy. Touching about an inch to the right side of the end line, adjust it to the front side of the lens, in front of the patient’s eye. Observe the picture to get reference marks in the best position, then when you’re satisfied with the measurement, move onto the seg heights.

Patient’s pantoscopic and face form angles
Positioning of the lenses for accurate directional success
Frame corneal distance, specifying how the lens is worn for optimum viewing
Patient’s lifestyle preferences; such as their occupation, hobbies and common activities that effect vision on a daily basis



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Life of a Lens

Take a journey through the life of a HOYA Free-Form lens to learn how personalized glasses are made.

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